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From emergency plumbing service to after care, whether domestic or commercial, we can help.

Leaks and floods bring all kinds of problems. There’s the damage done, the loss, the disruption of putting it right. There are calls to make. Insurance, builders, loss adjusters.
It’s a minefield. In our jobs, we see the stress and hassle it causes people on a daily basis. Which means that we know what to do to put it right. We know how to reduce your stress, and tale the worry away, leaving you with the finished job in good time and to the very highest standard.
Our goal is for you to use us again, hopefully in happier circumstances, for other jobs. Or for you to recommend our excellent service to friends and family. For now, though, it starts with you and for that to happen, we’ll treat your job as though its our own.

Let us look after your Insurance Claim

What is a Loss Assessor

We get asked this question often. People want to know the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor. Put simply, the Loss Adjuster works for your insurance company, and a Loss Assessor works for you. We have a team of associate partner Loss Assessors who we can bring in to handle your claim on your behalf, compiling it and presenting it to the Loss Adjuster.

By taking full responsibility of your claim, we’re able to protect your interests at every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the very best settlement possible under the terms of your policy.


What is a Loss Adjuster

The Loss Adjuster’s job is to represent the interests of their employer, your insurance provider. They negotiate and liaise with you or your Loss Assessor to reach an agreement that suits both parties. It must be remembered though, their main focus is the company they represent, and that may be problematic for the customer at times.

Thankfully, our team of associate partner Loss Assessors are here to help. There’s not many things they haven’t seen before. They’ve dealt with all types of claims, representing thousands of customers over the years, and have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your interests are well looked after throughout the process.

Remember, the Loss Adjuster works for the insurance company. A loss assessor works for you.

This is a stressful time, and by using our Loss Assessors you can rest assured that we’ll take that stress away, leaving you to get on with your life while we represent your claim.

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Licensed & INsured

All our teams are insured, fully licensed and highly skilled technicians, carrying out top quality legally compliant work

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Insurance Claim

Dealing with Insurance providers can be a worry, an intimidating experience. Thankfully, we have decades of experience which gives us a strong overview on this, and we’re able to advise you, putting your needs at the centre of the work at all times. 

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Best Prices Around

Our prices are always competitive, and never excessive. Our job is complete the work in an affordable way for our customers. Yes, we’re a business, but that doesn’t mean we sneak in any extras, or ‘surprise’ costs

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As if your flood or leak wasn’t stressful enough, our customers tell us that dealing with the insurance company can be just as worrying and problematic.

It takes time and too much energy to reach an agreement, and we know that you’d really rather be doing something else, like living your life for instance.

That’s why our team of Loss Assessors are at your disposal, to remove the worry, make the calls, and to represent your very best interests to your insurance provider.


How It Works

My leak/flood is fixed and everything's soaked. what happens next?

Once the initial job is fixed, the first task is to assess the damage, and build a project of works to put any damage right. As part of this, we’ll also bring in one of team of partner Loss Assessors to collate the detail on what’s needed for your insurance company, negotiating with you at all times. Then we’ll bring in our teams to carry out the work to the very highest standard. 

Who do i need to call?

Moments like this are stressful, there’s so much to think of, so much to worry about. Don’t worry. There’s no need for you to call anyone. We’re able to take you through every stage of the work, co-ordinating and project managing the entire job from end to end. At every stage, we’ll communicate what’s happening to you, explaining each step as we go, and keeping you informed at all times.


Every job is different, but we treat them all the same, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism at all times. Our team make every effort to minimise any disturbance to your home, working in a clean and timely manner at all times. This is your home, and while we must comply with the requirements of your Insurance provider, our teams will respect the space at all times.


As we assess the job, we’ll have an indication of timing on each stage, which we will always communicate to you, the customer. The first task will be to dry the area out, before we can rebuild and repair, but our policy is to always work in a time efficient way, bringing the job to conclusion as soon as possible.


All costs and expenses to you will be agreed before the work commences, and at every stage of the work, we’ll communicate with you to advise of any external costs the job may incur. Our Loss Assessors will advise you on the budget for the work, and we always aim to work to deliver projects for our customers in a cost effective and affordable way. 


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