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Have you suffered property damage?
Acting Quickly can reduce the damage to your home.



Drying Out

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Acting Quickly can reduce the damage to your home.

Water can cause a great deal of trouble in a very short time. We know that time is all important, so our first priority is to fix the problem.
From there, we can make good any damage caused by the flood. An important factor in this is your peace of mind.
We work hard to restore your home, in good time and with minimum disruption.

Once we’ve stemmed the flow and stopped the leak, drying out becomes the next priority. Left untreated, leaks bring mould and mould causes extra cost, disruption, stress and hassle for you. Toxic Mould, as it’s called, isn’t actually toxic, but can lead to respiratory problems, particularly in the very young or elderly. And of course, mould is a silent problem, it gets worse over time, without you knowing its there until its too late. That makes our Drying Out Service an absolute necessity. 

Firstly, we’ll assess the damage and decide on a plan of action to put it right. It’s important for us to understand the level of damage, and its origin, as this affects how we go about drying it out. The next stage is to bring in the right tools and drying equipment, dehumidifiers etc. We’ll monitor and test the damaged areas regularly throughout this process. It’s crucial that this work is carried out professionally and thoroughly, as your insurers will insist on this. 

In the unlikely event that mould does appear, our team can remove it safely and cleanly with minimum disruption, before fully restoring the area as it was before. 

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From installing dehumidifiers and drain equipment, monitoring the dry-out on a daily basis, and helping you meet the criteria of your loss adjuster, we will make your job our focus. The drying process takes time, and so ensuring the least disturbance and disruption to the customer is always our priority. 

10% Off First Time Visits

As well as our fast response times, we’re happy to offer a 10% welcome discount on your first non-emergency plumbing job.

Your #1 Plumbing Specialist

Dealing with floods and the damage they cause  can be a long, drawn out process. That’s why we’re able to take 100% of the job, from call out to rebuild and repair, we’ll always treat the job as if it were our own. 

Free Instant Estimates

We don’t charge for estimates. Under the terms of our 24hr Emergency plumbing service, we’ll simply take a deposit before fixing the problem with payment of the balance when the job’s complete.  



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Burst Pipes

Nothing lasts forever, and sadly that includes water pipes in your walls, under the floor and in your ceilings. We know that a burst pipe is a huge inconvenience. Thankfully, we’re here to help 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We’ll find, fix and finish in good time and with minimum disruption.


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Burst Water Tank & HEaters

We depend on our heaters to give us hot water when we need it, and to keep us warm throughout the cold months. So it’s important to have any issues serviced and repaired by reputable and knowledgeable technicians, quickly, affordably and always to a high standard. 


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Flooded Drains

The potential danger from flooded or damaged drains mean early discovery is crucial, and that proper action is taken to quickly fix the problem. Our Liverpool based team of trained and skilled professionals specialise in this kind of work, and are waiting for your call now. 


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Licensed & INsured

Providing a quality service means maintaining high standards at all times. Our team are licensed and insured, highly trained and skilled. The work they carry out is guaranteed to the highest industry standards and meets all standard regulations


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Plumbing Pros

Delivering a professional service as we do means employing a professional team. They will carry out your work to the very highest standards and to your exact requirements. They’ll communicate with you at every stage, answering any concerns you may have, and ensure the best possible service at all times


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Best Prices Around

We manage to maintain good, competitive prices by regularly monitoring the industry. We know that it’s not just about price though. Our customers want peace of mind, and the security of knowing the job will be carried out in the best possible standard and at a fair and reasonable price



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